I don’t do the sports, but fellow-non-sports-fans, I need to tell ya about something cool that happened.

Okay, so there are these twins, named Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin, and they are currently 22-years-old. Shaquem had a congenital birth defect that left em with one functioning hand. They both play football, Shaquem with a prosthetic hand.

Okay okay, so Shaquill was drafted to the Seattle Seahawks last year. And Shaquem was just drafted to the Seattle Seahawks!

Say whaaaaaaat?!

This is basically a wonderous story, happening right now. And there are many implications. First of all, knowing very little about sport outside of the sport video games, I now know there are Shaq-twins in the world! And they have real-life super-powers based on overcoming adversity and the support of siblingship!

Okay, okay okay, just needed you to know this was happening.

Also: it is kinda adorable how all the reports keep saying the twins are “reunited”. I am not used to reading sport stories regarding teammates this way, so to my ears it sounds like, “twins, lost to each other, with their only chance of being reunited: both being chosen to join the same band of dastardly oceanic fowl!”

Huh, maybe I should be a sport writer?!