John Poindexter is a fascinating person, but is mostly known for a little thing called the Iran-Contra affair.

One of my favorite samples from the Wikipedia article is (emphasis mine):

Poindexter and North communicated through a channel known as the “Private Blank Check” which Poindexter set up on a National Security Council (NSC) computer. Through this system, Poindexter and North were able to send messages back and forth without being intercepted by other NSC staff members. This system was not successful. Even though both Poindexter and North attempted to delete the messages, the White House Communications Agency was able to recover some of them, later used in trying Poindexter and North. On November 25, 1986, after the public disclosure of the Iran-Contra affair, Poindexter was forced to resign from his position as National Security Advisor.

This Poindexter is no Poindexter, of course! So despite literally getting caught while trying to send secret information, J to the Poindex was brought back to run DARPA’s completely innocent sounding Information Awareness Office

Okay, so why am I pointing out J. Q. Pokedex’s curriculum vitae?

Because all I know about Linda Poindexter is:

His wife, Linda Poindexter, was an Episcopal priest for 13 years, but retired from the clergy when she converted to Catholicism.

There is a story there that has all the trappings of deep commitment, searching for the correct course, and finding the resolve to face adversity while supporting a different aspect of an important institution. Backwards and in heels, all without violating the Boland Amendment.